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Locomotive for passenger service SŽ 06-018
former classification:
SHS 486.318
2-8-2 (1D1 h2)
year of construction:
Borsig, Berlin
160 t
axle load:
18 t
21,9 m
driving wheel diameter:
1.600 mm
boiler pressure:
16 bar
1250 kW (1700 HP)
top speed:
85 km/h
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In 1930 Borsig in accordance with the concept of German unified locomotives set out in 1920 developed three modern standard types for the Kingdom of SHS: an express locomotive and passenger and freight types. The class 06 was especially adapted to meet the challenge of mountain-character lines and the poor coal quality. Due to her weight, though, several bridges on the main lines had to be reinforced. She enjoys the reputation of a mountain express engine and is one of the few specifically locos. Also preserved are the 06-013, and the 06-016 now delivering spare parts for the active sister-engine 06-018.