Prostorska slika
Rogatec is surrounded by vineyards. Viticulture has always been a prominent economic branch in these parts, and wine itself was an important factor in a provincial's everyday life. On one hand as a pick-me-up, if not food, and on the other as an integral part of social life. For many wine represented a means of earning some extra money while vinedressers (characteristic of the areas Haloze and Slovenske gorice) earned their living through wine. As vinedressers represented the lowest social class in the countryside, they had to work at other people's vineyards and it return they were allowed to lodge above the wine cellar with their families. Unfortunately, beside having to do hard work and sufferig scarcity, a vinedresser's family was often stricken by alcoholism. The vinedresser's cottage in the Museum is an imitation of the original building from village Dobrina near Žetale. Today the cottage has the function of catering trade in the museum.