Prostorska slika
The forge is a reconstruction of Mordej's forge in Dobovec (The address of the original forge is Dobovec 42). The forge in situ stands by the main road that leads from Rogatec to Dobovec, near the border with Croatia. It was built in 1930 by the late blacksmith Mordej, who was considered a first-class blacksmith for shodding and making tools.
The building has a single room and is built from Dobovec sandstone. The enterance is covered by an open shed, which kept the customers dry in case of rain. A curiosity is an irregular façade at the back. Because the blacksmith bought too long bellows he couldn't fit them into the furnace, so he was forced to pull down the walls, fit in the bellows and rebuild the walls. This resulted in a 30 cm wide bulge at the back façade.
All the tools a blacksmith needed are exhibited in the forge: a furnace, bellows, a wooden block with 125 kg heavy anvil, a manual borer.