Prostorska slika
Beekeeping has always played a prominent role in life of a . Honey has been used as a sweetener, medicine or a stimulant. It has been indispensable in making pastry and all sorts of drinks while beewax has been used for making candles. Rogatec and its surroundings are no exception to the rich apicultural tradition. Simirarly as other villages in the period of time between the two wars, Rogatec too had its own gingerbread shop. A beehive as an independent architecture became a constituent part of a farm in the 19th century. Until the 2nd World War the most popular type of hives in Rogatec and its surroundings were baskets made of straw - "korbiči". Painted beehives, which are the most typical hives in Slovenia and are, in fact, considered a peculiarity, never took roots in this area.