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Boka waterfall
Boka is the most powerfull and the highest waterfall in Slovenia. Height of the two stage waterfall is 106 m (~350 feet) + 38 m (~120 feet), it is 18-20 m (66 feet) wide and water flow is up to 100 cubic metre per second - depended of the season. It's top is just below the karst vent-hole. Access: It is easily seen from the road Bovec-Kanin near Žaga. Feeling at the bottom of the waterfall is really breath-taking, so it worths to come and see this nature wonder.

Overall Height: 471 feet / 144 meters

Tallest Single Drop: 347 feet / 106 meters

Total Number of Drops: 2

Waterfall Type: wide stream

Watercourse: Boka stream

Average Width: 59 feet /18 meters

Volume : up to 100 cubic metres per second

Max. Recorded Volume: N/A

Best Flows: autumn/spring

Known Alternate Names: Slap Boka

Location: Posočje (GPS WGS 84) N:46°20'57" E:14°03'36"

Altitude (bottom) ~ 2370 feet 725 metres

[Slovenija|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls]