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Overall Height: 222 feet / 68 m
Tallest Single Drop: 171 feet / 52 m
Total Number of Drops: 2
Waterfall Type: plunge
Watercourse: Peričnik
Average Width: NA
Volume : NA
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: autumn/spring
Known Alternate Names: Slap Peričnik
Lokacija: TNP, Vrata (GPS WGS 84)
N:46°2060'21" E:13°54'02"
Elevation (bottom) ~ 2600 feet 725 m

Waterfall Pericnik is one of the most known waterfalls in Slovenia. There are actually two waterfalls. Spring with the name Peričnik flows as the upper waterfall with the height of 16 m (53 feet) and as the lower waterfall with the height 52 m (171 feet). The best vista to waterfalls is from the opposite hill of the cliff with the waterfalls. We can admire both waterfalls which are like two guardians of the Vrata valley (direct: The door valley). There were quite a several ideas about exploitation of the water power for the electric energy in the past. Peričnik is now protected as nature feature of Slovenia. Only a few waterfalls are where we can walk from the back of the waterfall in case of Peričnik waterfalls we can walk from the back of both waterfalls.

Access: Approach is possible with the vehicle from the Mojstrana to direction to the Vrata valley - Aljažev dom. Path from Mojstrana along the right side of the Bistrica stream is very recommended. One hour of hike and the lower Peričnik could be seen. Be careful with the approach to the Upper waterfall.

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