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Monastery Kostanjevica pri Novi Gorici

The monastery Kostanjevica is located south od Nova Gorica. In the crypt of the Kostanjevica monastey is the burial place of Charles X of France and his family.

Charles X (1757-1836) became king of France in 1824. Charles X and his entire family had to leave the France in the revolution in 1830. He died of cholera on November 6, 1836 in Gorica. He was buried in the church of Kostanjevica on November 11th. In addition to this last French king, several other members of the Bourbon family found their final resting places in the church crypt:
Louis XIX (1775-1844), Duke of Angouleme, the oldest son of Charles X, Marie Thérese Charlotte (1778-1851), Duchess of Angouleme, wife of Louis XIX, daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (daughter of Austrian Empress Maria Theresia), Marie Thérese Beatrice Gaetana (1817-1886), Arch duchess of Austria-Este, wife of Henri V, Henri V (1820-1883), Count of Chambord, son of Charles Ferdinand and grandson of Charles X. (He was the last member of the French Bourbons) and Louise Marie Thérese (1819-1864), Duchess of Parma, sister of Henri V.


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