The Garden of All Saints (arhitect Jože Plečnik [1872-1957] )

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The Garden of All Saints ( arhitect Jože Plečnik [1872-1957] , a disciple of Otto Wagner) The date of the project: 1938 -1940. The place where is the funerary complex at Sv. Kriz (St. Cross) in Plecnik's view had to be of carefully chosen design, not a place for sorrow but one of consolation and Christian hope. The architect created an intimate surrounding for the mourners of the deceased. Man was an individual even in death... The complex consists of several separated valedictory halls named by the patrons of Ljubljana's parish precincts. The entry into the complex is through the magnificent propyleum towards the central oratory with catafalque and baldachin. Literature: Prelovsek. D., 2001. Žale, 20. stoletje: arhitektura od moderne do sodobne, Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije, str. 59-61 Krecic. P., 1991. Plečnik's Ljubljana, Cankarjeva Zalo•ba, 81 str. More about the architect Joze Plecnik: www.ijs.si/slo/ljubljana/plecnik.html Interacitve map 12 11 7 10 5 6 4 4 2 8 9
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