Puerto Iguazú. 1 2
Puerto Iguazú. (latitude: 25° 35' S :: longitude: 54° 35' W )

The border of three countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. There is the confluence of Iguassu and Parana Riveres. 28 kilometres up the stream of Iguassu River are waterfalls and the national park. On the Brazilian side is a town Foz de Iguacu which means 'End of Iguassu River'. Small town on the Argentinian side of Igussu River: Puerto Iguazú (means 'the port of the Iguassu River'). Nowadays, only few kilometres up the stream of Iguassu River is a bridge connecting Argentina and Brasil.
The Parana River is the 13th longest river in the world and the second largest drainage system of South America. The lenght of the river is 4000 km across southeastern South America. The river at the junction of the Paranaiba and the Rio Grande rivers.

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